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Terms and Conditions: September 2021

Our Pre-Statement to consider prior to accepting our standard terms and conditions below.

In the past year, the World has had to deal with a pandemic which has seen the loss of many lives and businesses. As the vaccine programme continues, it is fair to say that we will all have to live with the ‘new normal’ and post-pandemic phase for some time.

It is very encouraging to see that there has been a strong take-up of the new vaccine(s). We would like to reassure our guests that our family and staff here on site have been vaccinated to protect ourselves, other guests, and our local community. We very much hope that you will be vaccinated too, as we are all fully aware of the precautions, we should take to save lives and economies.

We still continue to welcome guests here on site, subject to Government regulations and restrictions. However, if you decide not to be vaccinated, for whatever reason, and develop any symptoms of Covid-19 which lead you to self-isolate at a time which affects your stay with us, we will not be able to consider any support of your booking. We may consider offering support to guests who can provide UK travel insurance policy and official evidence of their full vaccination through the vaccine passport programme (NHS app or a paper version by calling 119 and requesting a paper version).

We strongly recommend that you have UK travel insurance to protect yourself and you’re booking.

Tor View Shepherds Huts and its proprietors make every effort to comply with equality and diversity guidelines, as we believe that everyone should experience our luxury glamping in a secluded rural location. However, we are sure you can appreciate that we have a duty of care to ourselves, our staff, our community and other guests.

We will not be policing the booking process by asking for this evidence at the time of booking, nor will we be taking your temperature or asking for a PCR test before you arrive. However, if you feel uncomfortable about being vaccinated, or if you consider you are at high risk, then please ask yourself:

Should I really be booking a stay at this time or taking a risk that may affect your stay?

  1. The Contract. Is entered into between the “Owner” of Tor View Shepherds Huts (Philip and Amanda Russell) and the person who completed the booking (“Hirer”). The contract is not effective until payment(s) has been received from the Hirer and confirmation sent from the Owner back to the Hirer.
  2. Bookings. The Hirer will be at least 18 years of age. The person named on the booking must be staying in the accommodation and not booking for a third party. By paying the deposit the Hirer agrees to these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the total party intending to stay at Tor View Shepherds Huts. We reserve the right to check the identification of any guest on-site with photo identification or a security question from the original booking request, the number of guests staying should not exceed the stipulated amount at the time of the booking request.
  3. Reservations. These are accepted by online booking. A confirmation will be sent when the deposit is paid, which must be within 24 hours of the original booking request acceptance. The balance must then be paid no later than 8 weeks prior to the arrival date, this date will be included with your confirmation. If a booking is made less than 8 weeks prior to the arrival date, the full cost is due immediately within 24 hours of booking acceptance, Cheques should be made payable to Philip Russell.
  4. Booking deposits – payments. If the deposit is not received within 24 hours of the booking acceptance email received to the Hirer the booking may be terminated without notice.
  5. Balance payment. We do not send out reminders to pay the balance for your booking. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if the balance is not paid prior to the due date which is clearly stated on your booking confirmation, we will then retain the deposit paid.
  6. Holiday dates. These may be changed providing the property is available for the new dates and the Owner is agreeable to the change. A £100.00 re-booking fee will be payable. The Owner also reserves the right to charge a security fee of £100.00 or more which will be refunded to the Hirer during the week following the holiday, less any deductions for breakages or damage.
  7. Cancellations. Deposit are not fully refundable, if notification is received in writing, 8 weeks prior to the arrival date the prepaid deposit payment will be refunded, minus a one-off handling service fee of £100.00 of the original deposit payment received. No refunds will be provided if less than 8 weeks’ notice is given. If your original holiday dates have been changed and you have paid any applicable fees for that service, your booking is now classed as a revised booking. This means that even if the new arrival date is now longer more 8 weeks away, it will be excluded from any cancellation or refund of any monies (Terms and condition clause above 6 will not apply to a revised booking).
  8. Force Majeure. (Unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract). The Owner cannot and will not accept liability or responsibility for any alterations, delay or cancellation caused by any virus, pandemics, acts of any government restrictions or public authority restrictions (for example, if we are forced to shut down because the Government has enforced a lockdown of the country), war, civil strife, terrorist action, industrial disputes, fire, sickness, bad weather, or changes imposed by rescheduling of airlines or public transport events.
  9. Lockdown Implemented. In the event that England’s Government or any Local Authority or Council should implement further Covid-19 lockdowns, tiers, traffic light systems or restrictions, or other means of enforcement which apply to the Mendip authority area and which force Tor View Shepherds Huts to close, we will transfer your stay to a new convenient stay within the next 12 months. This will be classed as a revised booking. You may need to pay any additional cost for the new dates selected, for example if you choose to move your stay from an off-peak to a peak season. We will not refund any monies paid, but we will assist you to transfer your stay to new convenient date without any booking fees.
    We cannot be held accountable for any local lockdowns, tier restrictions, or traffic light restrictions to the hirer’s home residence which may differ from our location, especially if your residence is in Wales, Scotland or Ireland, and not excluding The Common Travel Area, European or International restrictions, which may affect your onward travel plans or stay with us here in Somerset.
  10. Insurance. We must strongly advise the hirer to have the appropriate insurance cover against holiday cancellation in the points in section 8 (Force Majeure) above, also loss of property or illness including Covid 19 should be covered. We cannot accept any responsibility for personal injury to guests or holidaymakers or for loss of property or for other matters over which we have no control.
  11. Non-Availability. If for any reason beyond our control the property is not available, all monies will be refunded in full, and the Owner will not be liable for any further claims.
  12. Damage. The Hirer is responsible for the property during the stay and is liable for any loss or damage caused. The property should be left in good order and in clean condition upon departure. Any damages or breakages must be reported to the Owner prior to departure, no attempt should be made to repair or replace items. We prefer this to taking a damage deposit as we believe that most people would be honest and own up to an accident.
  13. Capacity. The total number of guests staying in Tor View Shepherds Huts shall not exceed 2 adults in TED, and 2 adults and 1 child up to 12 years of age (where applicable) in LEN.
    Ensure you provide us the correct and up to date contact details and residence of the hirer.
  14. Smoking – smoking and vaping are NOT permitted in the property, no pets are allowed, and NO candles are permitted in the accommodation.
  15. Access – Departure. The Hirer will have standard access and departure from 16.30 PM hours on the day of arrival to 10.00 AM hours on the day of departure, unless prior arrangements have been made or paid for an early or late checkout. It would be appreciated if guests could arrive during daylight hours if possible, as initial access may be difficult in the dark. Please respect the departure time, this is the time to be leaving in your vehicle and departing off site, as we often have back-to-back same day changeovers and routine maintenance programs to perform alongside the routine cleaning duties. Information about keys and access to the property will be provided to you well in advance of your arrival date.
  16. Cleaning. Guests are to leave the accommodation with all their personal belongings. The hut should be left in a clean and tidy condition as guests find it, crockery, pans and utensils are to be washed up and dried and placed in their original location not left out, the fridge will be emptied of all food and drink, the recycling of all waste should be carried out to the best of your ability, and all outside furniture should be returned to its original location. We reserve the right to make additional charges for cleaning should the property not be left in a similar condition to your arrival.
  17. Lost property, any guest(s) property left in the accommodation after departure can be returned to the guests, providing payment is made in advance for the postage, packing and costs incurred, unclaimed property will be disposed of after 14 days of non-recovery.
  18. Descriptions. These are for guidance only, and every effort is made to ensure that they are true and accurate. Over time alterations are made and sometimes things do change, however if there are any points of particular importance, please contact the Owner to clarify in the first instance.
  19. Complaints. Any complaint should be made in person to the Owner as soon as possible before departure, to allow remedial action to be taken. It is specifically agreed that failure by the Hirer to notify the Owner of any complaints in accordance with this timescale will entitle the Owner to refuse to entertain the complaint.
  20. Fire Safety. Only the firewood provided onsite can be burned on the wood burner, fire pit or hot tub. No other fuels or oxidants may be used. Please take great care when starting and attending to any fire, and do not leave any fire unattended inside or outside the property. All fires must be safely extinguished before the accommodation is vacated; no fires should be lit on the morning of departure.
  21. Instructions. Guests must read and conform to all the operating instructions provided, especially for the wood fired hot tub, wood-burning stove, fire pit and outdoor oven before attempting to use any of these appliances. (The comprehensive information – instruction manual is in the hut). The hot tub has a minimum £1000.00 penalty charge for damaging the internal fire chamber of the hot tub caused by you letting the water out before the internal fire chamber is fully extinguished. It is essential that you read and fully understand the step by step operating instructions and risks to avoid, always observe the health and safety and hygiene requirements before use, only a competent person should operate the hot tub, a wood fired hot tub is typically used completely different to many other types of hot tubs, the hot tub is a fully self-service operation, involving you to light the fire, empty the water and refill water and re sanitizer the hot tub water to allow you to use the hot tub safely, as and when you want to without interruption to your schedule, if you require more information on the hot tub before booking please contact us directly
  22. Wood Allowance. 1 Bag of kiln-dried hardwood is provided purely for the hot tub per night of your stay, and no other wood should be used to burn in the fire chamber of the hot tub. Extra chargeable bags of logs are available at £10.00 per bag, cash only. This money must be left on your departure day in the kitchen area of the hut. Please use the other firewood for cooking and heating responsibly, excessive consumption of firewood and kindling may be frowned upon and may carry an extra surcharge, if we consider the usage is excessive or not in line with our recommendations.
  23. Noise policy. The Hirer agrees to not cause nuisance or annoyance to nearby neighbours or other guest’s onsite. There is a strict “quiet time” between 10 pm and 8 am daily.
  24. Access. The Owner reserves the right to reasonable access to the property and the hot tub at any time.
  25. Parking – Visitors. This is strictly for 1 vehicle only. Sorry, we cannot accept any visitors. We do not accept liability for any damages, loss or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves.
  26. Breach. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions, or if the owner believes that the behaviour of the guest(s) is unacceptable or unreasonable, this will result in the owner terminating the booking and requiring you to vacate the property immediately with no refund.
  27. Drones. We kindly ask you not to operate or fly any drones on our land or over surrounding fields, as there may be other guests or residents on site that do not wish to be filmed. We also do not wish to disturb any residents here at the farm or guests staying, please do bring your camera to take photos.
  28. Gift vouchers. Available to purchase in any amount and can be used in any of our accommodations. The total value can be used in full or part payment towards a stay with us. The gift Voucher has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash. No change can be given for a voucher that is not used in full. The gift voucher is valid for 12 months to make a booking.
  29. COVID 19. Updated information on Coronavirus and COVID 19 advice and information may be found on our website, please follow government advice and Public Health England recommendations for safety.
  30. Thank you for reading our terms and conditions. Enjoyment is a must.

© 2021-2022 Tor View Shepherds Huts. (E&OE).

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and T&C's
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