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Hot Tubs With A Difference!

Hot tubs with a difference!

Most of us have been in a modern hot tub at some stage, but they’re all quite similar – next to a pool, or outside next to a lodge, sometimes with very little privacy! (Not fun)

The Swedish ones at Tor View are really different.

For a start they are deep box-shaped tubs, allowing for ones self to be completely submerged if desired, and here’s the best bit – you get to heat it yourself!

And no, I don’t mean by turning a hot water tap. You actually have the full experience of building and lighting the fire before you get in.
It’s worth the time and effort, when it’s lit (all by yourself) you can lie back in the warm water and take in the amazing view which comes from being in an odd-shaped hot tub on a hill!

Pure bliss.

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