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Just Your ‘average’ Guests

Just your ‘average’ guests

Over the course of a year we welcome all kinds of guests to Tor View Shepherds Huts. They are of all ages and from every walk of life; for some it is their first glamping experience, whilst others are seasoned glampers.

What they all have in common though (apart from the fact that they all leave relaxed and refreshed after their retreat of course!) is an ability to surprise us. These surprises can come in many forms, here are just a few ways in which our guests have taken us aback lately.

The Glasto wannabe: John was originally planning to go to Glastonbury, which was obviously cancelled, so he decided to come to the area anyway and stay with us. Unfortunately he hadn’t booked enough holiday from work, so had to leave prematurely – a cut-short glamper!

The unlucky roadtrippers: This couple were taking a roadtrip around the UK but on one of their first stops their car was broken into, leaving them with few possessions and even less clothes. In Cornwall, whilst staying in a tent, it rained; and they then upgraded to a pod. Their luck changed when they came to Tor View, in fact they told us it was the highlight of their adventure.

The Football predictor: Although our policy is to leave our guests in peace, we’re always happy to try and answer any questions they may have during their stay. These questions tend to be along the lines of, “where is there a good pub?” or “how long does it take to get to Glastonbury/Cheddar/Wells?” So we were a little bemused recently when a guest’s question was, “who is going to win the football?” Sadly, as we aren’t football fans and don’t possess a crystal ball, we couldn’t help him!

So there you have it – just a few examples of the types of guests who pass through our field. We welcome them all, and love to hear their stories!

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