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Caring for our planet

As a small family business offering holiday accommodation here in the Mendip hills, we are very aware how precious our environment is to both us and our guests.

This goes beyond just land, sea and air but extends to our communities, history and culture. Our business can harm all of these or help them. We want to minimise the harm and maximise the benefit in our business.

Our commitment:

  • Monitor and minimise waste, and reuse and recycle as much as possible.
  • Use energy responsibly in our business operations, buildings and vehicles, and use an energy supplier that actively invests in new renewable energy sources.
  • Promote environmental efficiency in our business travel and transport.
  • We use local suppliers and contractors wherever practicable.
  • Encourage our visitors to consider their environmental impact and to support local producers and attractions whilst on holiday.

Most of us want to be greener

Let’s be kinder to the environment and create less of a carbon footprint. We have taken these additional steps towards the goals below:-

  • Provide waste recycling facilities for all guests.
  • We provide and manage composting and recycling of kitchen waste.
  • Provide eco-friendly and responsibly purchased cleaning materials.
  • Provide recycled paper goods (e.g. kitchen towel, toilet roll).
  • Buy in bulk where possible (eg toilet rolls, liquid hand soap and washing up liquid, so that we can dispense into smaller containers).
  • We provide low flush toilets to reduce flush volume.
  • Water usage, checked for evidence of any leaks and rectified immediately.
  • Low energy light bulbs throughout.
  • Monitor electricity usage and subscribe to a green energy tariff.
  • Both huts are fully insulated and have very efficient heating systems.

The countryside

We encourage native wildlife within our fields, we also provide bird feed in the winter months for wild birds.

Please leave only your footprints and if you see any litter and are feeling brave, please put it in the bin.

Why not try and leave the car at home. Lots of the loveliest parts of the West Country are best explored on foot or by bike. Alternatively why not walk on the many footpaths here.

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