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Early Rendezvous And Late Lie-ins Await…

Early rendezvous and late lie-ins await…

Whenever we go on holiday we are always excited to get there and reluctant to leave, aren’t we?

Lazy mornings and late evenings, with nothing to worry about but what you’re going to have for dinner are bliss!

We can’t make it last for ever, but we can stretch it a bit further! We’re introducing early checking at Ted (from 1pm) and late-checkouts at Len (until 1pm) so you can keep the holiday vibe going for longer.

Just think, you’ll be able to start the hot tub earlier at Ted, so you can enjoy it under the stars on the night you arrive; or you can enjoy one more lie-in at Len with a late breakfast before you go back to reality!

Whichever you choose, we take you’ll agree it’s an extra £25 well spent…

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