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Built From A Dream

Built from a dream


We all have grand dreams from time to time, but not all of us consider them as our next life venture.

The idea for Tor View came into focus in 2006, when Phil awoke one morning with the idea of opening a luxury shepherd’s hut retreat.

Phil wanted the hut to be complete, with no need to venture out side if you didn’t wish to. This included the hut having an en-suite.

At the time it turned out this wasn’t something you could just order online freely, so he found a company to help him build one  during the (very cold) winter 2012. The first Tor View Shepherds  Hut was finished in spring 2013 and opened in May that year.

Décor was a joint effort, Mandy chose the colours and Phil bought the vintage features such as the clocks, maps, books, and sheep-related items from flea markets and auctions (deciding where they’d go afterwards).
What does Phil say about building a hut?

Always assume that it will take longer and cost far more than you think!

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