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The country is split, the politicians are split, so it’s no surprise that the huts are split…

Here at Tor View, the huts are as opposed in their views as anyone in Westminster. In fact, we think Laura Kuenssberg should come down to Somerset and get a proper view on the debate. Len is looking back to the good old days of the British Empire, and thinks that we will be perfectly alright without these interfering meddlers from Brussels telling us how bendy our bananas should be. Ted on the other hand is taking the high ground. He thinks that the whole Referendum was just an opinion poll, not a proper vote, and that as no-one seems to be able to make any decisions that we should all just shake hands with our friends on the continent and forget the whole thing.

One thing’s for sure, the debate is bound to rumble on in the field like the wheels on a shepherd’s hut. Whatever views you hold, there is a hut just right for you. And the opposition is around a quart of a country mile away (Len asked us to point out that, as we’re leaving the EU, we can revert to Feet and Inches)!