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When it comes to electric cars, Len and Ted can be (or very nearly!). We recently had our first guests with an electric car and, being good hosts, we wanted to make sure they could charge it up for their journey home.

A bit of research showed us that the nearest charging point is in Wells, at Morrisons Supermarket (postcode BA5 1UA) – that’s just 5 ½ miles/11 minutes away!).

However if you’re staying in Ted and have got your own ‘grannylead’ you can charge up onsite, as there is a socket next to Ted. We don’t charge for this service, but Len and Ted would like you to make a donation to an ecological charity instead. That way, everyone wins!

So you see, your friends Len and Ted really ARE electric (almost) – although don’t forget, Ted has solar power and no 3-pin sockets himself!

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