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5 Things We Never Go Glamping Without!

5 Things we never go glamping without!

Although we like to think that our huts are remarkably well equipped (in fact, our guests frequently ask how we manage to fit so much into the space), we know that everyone has their favourite things to take on holiday with them.

Whether it is tea bags to Tenerife, or baked beans to the Balearics, we’re all guilty of taking a home comfort with us. So, what are the glamping goodies you wouldn’t leave behind?

Here is our list of the top 5 things our owners take away with them on a Somerset staycation.


We supply the glasses, the views, and the hot tub to enjoy it in – but if you want to sip a G&T whilst the sun goes down, we suggest you follow our example and bring your bottles and fruit slices along.


Particularly at this time of year it doesn’t get dark until very late – so if you’re an early bird planning an alfresco breakfast, or an early start at a local market, then bring one along!


The beauty of a newspaper rather than a book is that you can read it in the hot tub, safe in the knowledge that if you drop it in the water (possibly whilst picking up your G&T – see point 1 above) then it doesn’t matter!


Whilst we always recommend our huts as a real getaway from the pressures of modern life, we understand that it is a BIG ask to go entirely gadget-free. As Len has electricity and Ted has USB power points (powered by solar panels), you are welcome to bring your gadget. We wouldn’t recommend using it anywhere near the hot tub though!

  1. MANDY

Ok so it is only our owner Phil who can bring Mandy (his wife) on staycation – but we’d recommend our shepherds hut retreat as a perfect couples getaway. Len can even accommodate a little one if you are a new (or new-ish) parent.

So that’s it – our list of 5 things which we couldn’t glamp without. We’d be interested to hear what your must-haves are!

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